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CeCe and Roxy Books was birthed out of a need. After receiving over 75 children's books for their first born's baby shower, Pascha and her husband, Adrian, immediately noticed the 'lack of color,' as her husband put it. They wanted to see their family's reflection in children's book in the form of an interracial couple and/or biracial children.


Pascha began an intention search for children’s books with African-American children/persons, biracial children and/or interracial families. Such books were few and far between and the ones found in 2014, were mostly historical in context (and mostly about slavery for Black protagonists or content). Pascha and Adrian wanted books with African American and biracial protagonists doing every day "life" things, like making friends, going to the pool, or learning to share. 


It was at this point, it was Adrian who urged Pascha to begin writing the stories they could not find.


While living in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Pascha asked a local painter, Caroline Merino, to help bring her stories and sketches to life. Pascha and Caroline collaborated to illustrate four books without a definitive plan to publish, only to create. During that time, Pascha was connected to another author, Scott McBride (of Connor the Cutter) and was in turn connected with his hybrid publisher, Mascot Publishing. 


In March 2017, the first two board books of CeCe & Roxy Books were funded through a successful Kickstarter campaign. In October 2017, Mascot released the first book, “CeCe & Roxy: How We Came to Be,” with a follow up book, “CeCe & Roxy: A Day in the Life of Roxy,” in October 2018. The initial and ongoing support for this series has been humbling, with five stars on Amazon and repeat readers who want to share it with friends and family. 


As of February 2021, Pascha is working with a new illustrator to bring the next 3 stories in the CeCe & Roxy series to life, including a parallel picture book series. She is also working on another series which will be co-authored with her husband, Dr. Adrian Ferrera, in addition to homeschooling their children and expanding the REPINSITY Bookstore (and extension of the vision to make books with diverse characters and content more accessible and prevalent to all). 


Art Director

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