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CeCe and Roxy were birthed out of a need. After receiving over 75 children's books for our first born's baby shower, my husband and I immediately noticed the 'lack of color,' as my husband put it. We wanted to see our family's reflection in children's book in the form of an interracial couple and/or biracial children. We began to intentionally look for books with African-American children/persons, biracial children and interracial families. It was extremely difficult...we found a few with African American persons, but mostly ones of historical figures. My husband and I wanted our child to have books with African American and biracial characters doing every day "life" things, like making friends, going to the pool, learning to share. 


Eventually, my husband asked me, "Why don't you just write some and get them published?" Ah....easier said than done, I thought. But after continued searching, I realized the NEED existed and I began to write. 


While living in Fayetteville, North Carolina, I was fortunate to find a local artist, Caroline Merino, to help bring my explanations and sketches to life. Since 2015, we have collaborated to illustrate four books! During that time, a friend of mine connected me to another author, Scott McBride (of Connor the Cutter) and he connected me with his hybrid publisher, Mascot Publishing. 


I am grateful for friends who helped to fund the illustration costs of the last three books through online donations, painting nights and buying baked goodies! 

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